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The Karass: New Fashion Film Now Live!

A hybrid of jewellery, fashion and even armour that fuses retro and futuristic references without a hint of kitsch, the work of fashion designer Kat Marks provided inspiration for our latest fashion film, The Karass, directed by Nick Knight.

Taking references from turn-of-the-century celluloid collars and the elaborate 'dickeys' that form the crux of a man's formal wardrobe, Marks reinvents these symbols of patriarchal, patrician entitlement as adornment for women. Marks' collection of moulded resin 'chest plates' contrasts organic forms with harsh, angular shapes, the abstract pieces bolted to leather bibs via industrial brass screws to create pieces that combine the raw and the rarefied and collide jewellery, fashion and even industrial design into one whole.

Knight's film has a similar mood of transformation, reinventing model Edita into a Postmodern Maschinenmensch, sinister and seductive in equal measure, Knight's film draws on imagery as diverse as Art Deco, fifties showgirls and the work of Richard Lindner to weave a spellbinding vision around Marks' unique fashion pieces.

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