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The Left Thigh by Deborah Milner and Peter Gray

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Today's Fashion Body film comes from British couturier Deborah Milne and acclaimed hair stylist Peter Gray, both known for their extreme abstractions away and around the body. Their vision of the left thigh, however, is as stripped, bare and close-to-the-bone as can be, with calligraphy scrawling across very real flesh against a soundtrack of Pablo Neruda's The Insect, read by Gabriel Byrne.


  1. hudson
    16:35 18 Aug 2010
    This is a really beautiful film. It's great to see someone doing without the bells and whistles but still having a touch of fashion to the mix.
  2. friend
    21:35 18 Aug 2010
    what a beautiful voice that man has!
    Did he read it especially for this film, I wonder.
    Which ever way this film is intelligent and poetic and thus very refreshing.
  3. la
    22:02 18 Aug 2010
    The real beauty in this film comes from the gorgeous freckles all over this girls body juxtaposed with that incredible scar.
    So sexy.
  4. AndrewSmith
    13:13 20 Aug 2010
    Yeah, visually it's amazing. The more you watch the more abstract it becomes! I'm not sure about the content of the poem though. It feels a bit over-cooked if you know what I mean?
  5. RepublicMonetary
    19:45 23 Aug 2010
    Very entrancing and beautiful - I love this series
  6. Fox
    13:02 27 Aug 2010
    ^ I'm a huge fan of the poem. Inspiringly beautiful.