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The Mouth by Barnaby Roper and Natasa Vojnovic

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We're never ones simply to pay lip service to the idea of the Fashion Body, and hence our final film of the week is a powerful visual exploration of the mouth from filmmaker Barnaby Roper and model Natasa Vojnovic. Set to an abstracted and intricate soundtrack cut from Vojnovic's own voice, their film nevertheless focusses on the visual for its considerable impact - slicing between stark HD and atmospheric soft focus, Roper and Vojnovic's short is a sensual, sensuous and arresting aesthetic experience.


  1. la
    12:23 27 Aug 2010
    I am increasingly liking this mans work, and this film, although I feel the lighting somewhat lets it down , is proof that he really worth watching.
    I lookforward to seeing more.
  2. Fox
    13:06 27 Aug 2010
    The juxtaposition of these images is great. Love the contrast with the soft focus. These films just get better and better, such a brilliant project, looking forward to the next one!
  3. design.intern
    13:07 27 Aug 2010
    I agree this is my favorite of the fashionbody series so far, beautifully dynamic
  4. someonegreat
    14:39 27 Aug 2010
    Really beautiful. And a nice bit of Marc Jacobs too.
  5. Psyqiphnotic
    20:17 27 Aug 2010
    Hermoso, just beautiful.
  6. 1uke
    11:35 31 Aug 2010
    I agree with the above regarding the lighting, the softly focussed shots looked great. However, if the juxtaposition between hard and soft focussing was intended to be key, I would have liked to have seen the crisp, strong shots with starker, more brash lighting, otherwise keep it consistent to the soft shots.
    Saying that, this point didn't overcloud Barnaby Roper's tenacious attitude of the piece as a whole, the editing & warped views (reminiscent of Grace Jones' recent Corporate Cannibal video), and the powerfully erratic performance by Ms Vojnovic! Beautiful.