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The Nape of the Neck by Fred Butler

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When we approached leading accessory designer and art director Fred Butler to provide the nape for our fashion body, her immediate and unexpected response was: 'This is my one fetish in human anatomy!' Hence, Butler's film focusses on her ideal nape, in the shape of a heart, here emphasised and embellished with her trademark geometric and geodesic adornments, and refracted through a film as multi-faceted and precious as a crystal prism.


  1. 1uke
    11:46 31 Aug 2010
    All attributes of Butler's vibrant, dreamlike jewellery in film form, if you've got a good thing running, run with it!
  2. Fox
    12:11 31 Aug 2010
  3. hudson
    13:11 1 Sep 2010
    I only wish everyone could articulate their fetishes quite so beautifully.