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The Talking Post Box At Port Eliot

At 2 in the morning our Port elliot family found what seemed to be a normal post box in the middle of the woods. We were already intrigued then it start to recite numbers and make bat sounds. It also had a card and a pen attached. So we wrote it a letter which reads...

'Dear Confused Postbox

Youll find your way somehow. Its ok to be a postbox. Be yourself. Post is good. Communication is good. You might want to count less... but no regrets. F.I.S.H. I hope you find peace in the woods

Sincerly yours

Lols, Celo & Calum & Matt

x       x         x        x'



We think matt was the curator of the peice and we never saw him again. We went back the next day to see whether it was as chatty as it had been the night before and we found out it was an installation about the 'lost sounds of cornwall'