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Tomorrow, we'll be talking sustainable fashion, Sarah Mower and Craig Green

Tomorrow, 17 April, is a busy day in the studio as we're hosting a series of highly anticipated fashion talks. 

Tune in at 10:30 BST for a live panel discussion in honour Fashion Revolution Day. Dilys Williams and Renee Cuoco from Centre for Sustainable Fashion join Katherine Poulton from ethical knitwear company The North Circular, jeweller Michelle Lowe-Holder and Abigail Murray of Designer Jumble to talk sustainable fashion.

Later on, at 12:30 BST, we'll be kicking off our newest In Fashion sessions with Vogue's internationally acclaimed contributor and fashion critic Sarah Mower. Our second live interview will take place at 14:30 BST with menswear designer Craig Green.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, 17 April, for all the conversational action!