by Edison Chen .

the new hot shit

for BLACK FRIDAY weekend ...... don't miss out and go to UNDEFEATED.COM and peep game and go and buy some new sneakers man ........ ur sneakers look grimy TYRONE BIGGUMS stee, go to UNDEFEATED and get some swag if u in the CALI area..... SF, VEGAS, LA, taking over the west coast ......... i am a UNDEFEATED representer


  1. 06:16 22 Nov 2011
    hehe...yes! We all belive u are undefeated!!!! Come my guy!! Looooove u!
  2. Cici_
    06:22 22 Nov 2011

  3. 16:33 23 Nov 2011
    we believe in you .
  4. Ama
    16:39 23 Nov 2011
    my faith -
  5. Fairy-Q
    01:35 24 Nov 2011
    Honey! Happy thanksgiving day!!! PS:Im listening your song... "Dreams 梦",u r really improved ...and ur very cool in the MTV of "running" !!!your song were great!Love u!
  6. Sarahmily
    04:42 26 Nov 2011
    well, congratulations!What you performed in Shanghai was very great,and then I like the “CLOT三眼米奇” very much and I'll buy one,heihei!Come on,never give up.
  7. Sarahmily
    14:19 7 Dec 2011
    congratulations for the“年度最具风格潮流艺人”!!As we all see,u have tried your best,and continue it,never give up!!!!U carry us!!!Hahahaha
  8. Sarahmily
    02:26 10 Dec 2011
    I can only tell u that maybe u should learn more Chinese!!你轉的“power”那篇微博,是嘲諷你的,不是表揚你的!!笨蛋!take care of yourself!!!
  9. m_whc
    07:44 23 Dec 2011
    Been a WHILE. Sup?

  10. 07:27 18 Feb 2012
    Ron C,We are not that far apart then. We agree that clanilg a positive feedback ?runaway global warming? is inappropriate. I do think Turetsky findings are evidence, but are only a small piece in a complex picture. Have a good night.