by Nick Knight .

Unveiling of the new Pirelli Calendar #6

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Inez and Vinoodh unveiling their Pirelli calendar with Sophia Loren and Lou Doillon.


  1. b4rt0
    08:48 21 Nov 2006
    I don't think much of this calendar, and to be brutally honest I think it's the worst Pirelli calender ever made, I don't care how famous some of the peeps are in it, the idea and it's execution of it leaves a LOT to be desired.
  2. marian
    20:57 21 Nov 2006
    b4rt0 If you think that you should really check out the history of the Pirelli calendar,there has been much much worse than this one.
    Personally ,I like the fact they have used a woman in her 70s,I like the concept of it happening in one bed and I like the delicateness of the gestures and intimate feeling with some of the women.
    I am also intrigued by the way Innes and Vinood work together ,Are they a couple?
  3. ElleMuliarchyk
    22:07 21 Nov 2006
    I agree, this wasn't very imaginative, celebrities again, instead of the models (GRR - as I am a model). What can we do? Just wait till the economy gets better and people will be able to use their imagination and compete with real vigor and create something groundbreaking instead of going for the safe bet! I cannot wait!
    I think I should shoot one of the next of their callendars! I think I will do something revolutionary!
    However I think Innes and Vinood are really amazing. The portfolio of celebrities in the New York Times Magazine was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen!
  4. GalileosUniverse
    09:45 23 Nov 2006
    I read your reply to this subjetc....and somehow I got drawn more into the story of how you’re a self-sufficient model, make up-artist, photographer.....You really made my day !....I enjoyed your "Wonder Woman " approach to how you managed to create your own work...It's utterly delicious to read something like this!!!!!...some sort of 'Joan de Arc' in fashion..hehehe....Having said that there is such an incredible and poignant moral to your are brave..incredible brave....such story should inspire someone to write a short film......full of humour and yet full of 'humanity'....
    After having lived in New York I’m sure The Big Apple must love you....full of energy and determination......ever so inspiring....
    I know the hazards and the paradoxes of fashion............and yet it is a fascinating fantasy world because it is full of magic and boundless creativity....
    Have you ever thought of doing something for " Diane A Shaded View Of Fashion " ? need more exposure...
    By the way I like your work and how incredible resourceful you are !...Passion is the key word indeed and you have more than plenty....
  5. ElleMuliarchyk
    07:27 29 Nov 2006
    Thank you very much, Galileo, for your sweet compliments. I am glad you liked my work.. I will have to explore your suggestions more! It is true - I want to have no fear (even though people that know me say I have no fear anyway) and create something that will inspire people to be more of who they are and be true to their own selves - to the superhero inside of them!
  6. GalileosUniverse
    09:54 29 Nov 2006 this pic. .WONDER WOMAN !.. I am glad to know they do not only exist in comic books...
    By the way sorry it took time to answer you post but I am astonished to see that SHOW has not made it possible to create a website with an easier way to follow the threads without having to go through the whole maze, and my God with so many creative people hier !..I'm not complaining ...heheh.. just making an observation.... Back to you WONDER definetly inspire people....I am glad to have the chance to exchange words with a rather unique person.....Keep going and do not forget my suggestion...Diane is incredible in supporting creative people. Do join IQUONS ! a project in which she takes part too.
    And by the way you are very welcome......
  7. GalileosUniverse
    19:23 29 Nov 2006
    I was thinking.........the word " Fear"
    fear |fɪə| noun an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat : drivers are threatening to quit their jobs in fear after a cabby's murder | fear of increasing unemployment | he is prey to irrational fears......
    Maybe that is an interesting theme to explore to translate that in images....because thereis so much fear nowdays.....Just a thought !..but then in a poetic way.......using your inner sense
  8. GalileosUniverse
    14:52 31 Oct 2007
    Congratulations Ellen !...and as I always believe...' time always tells'...great to read about your latest venture.
    I'm very happy for you and wish you the best...keep going !
  9. NeilBridge
    17:24 31 Oct 2007
    Liking Inez & Vinoodh's stuff on the whole lately, and the women of this calendar
    are perfectly chosen. However, it feels overlit & clinical. Completely sexless.
  10. ChrisSummerfield
    17:13 1 Nov 2007
    At last I managed to load the slide show to this project.
    I love black and white photography as a lot of you probably realise, but I am not to sure about a lot of the compositions in this series for Pirellii , I felt that there was a lack of thought in this area. A shame because the models are gorgeous..
    I managed to also check out the resent work here from Flux her black and white pictures look cool babe .keep it up.
  11. didi
    06:32 3 Nov 2007
    it's beautiful but not impressive to me.
    it's like a pretty pictures u're goin to comment as beautiful once u see it, but in a month or two, u're just not going to remember