by Neal Bryant .

Video Sharing Apps: Vyclone adds a new take on video sharing
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Video sharing apps are currently getting a lot of attention since Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, with many people citing them as the next big social platform. There are already many popular video sharing applications on the market, notable Viddy, which has passed 27million users and SocialCam, which has 51.5 million monthly users.

Vyclone is a new video sharing application that has just just been released (UK only) that aims to take the concept of sharing further, allowing users to share in the process of capturing the footage as well as sharing the finished product.

The app works using location services so that users can see who else in the immediate area is also filming. Once the user has filmed and uploaded up to 60 seconds of footage you can then choose to have the footage edited together with other users to make a quick 'multicam' edit of the footage. This allows the finished video to contain several different vantages of the same event.

Vyclone was initially devised to cover music concerts, but the creators soon realised that the technology could be used to film anything from; short films of your friends, to citizen journalism, to large scale festivals, which was far more exciting than just gigs and concerts.  

The concept behind the app is really exciting, and as the idea of co-creation is something that hasn't really been explored with other imagery sharing platforms I can imagine it becoming very popular.