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Watch the 'Floating World' fashion film

SHOWstudio are excited to unveil Floating World, a new fashion film by Nick Knight and the latest addition to our Floating World project.

From 9 to 11 September 2014 Noritaka Tatehana took up residence at SHOWstudio to create a pair of his vertiginous heel-less shoes. Tatehana’s intimate method was revealed exclusively in a process film as the Japanese shoemaker gave a step-by-step demonstration of the techniques used to create his gravity defying designs. Once the shoes were complete, they were displayed as part of a SHOWcabinet exhibition

Nick Knight consequently shot the shoes on Daphne Guinness, a longterm champion of Tatehana. In Knight's latest fashion film, edited by Raquel Couceiro, Guinness floats gracefully in Tatehana's creations. 

Watch Floating World now and don’t forget to explore the project to get a further insight into Tatehana's practice. Check out the interviews with Valerie Steele and Julia Hutt that interrogate the significance of the absent high heel or take a look at our Q&A with the designer.