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Your face on our Home Page

Viewers have now been included on the Home Page. Down the page, between Contributors and the Forum are pictures and biographical information from viewers who have registered and created a Viewer Profile Page. If you’ve made one, and have a portrait picture and some words about yourself then you could find yourself on the Home Page.

Three random viewers are displayed each time you visit, but preference is given to those with higher Profile Page ratings (see the explanation of how this works when you create your Profile Page) and those who actively update their Profile Pages (the Gallery, the Lists, the Favourites etc). If you want to see more viewers, cheat by refreshing the Home Page in your browser, and you’ll get a new set.

This system has been in place since we launched the new improved site, but we have had to wait until there was sufficient take up of viewers to display.


  1. JoshBaker
    15:42 14 Sep 2006
  2. martinb
    23:19 14 Sep 2006