1. Monday 01 December 2014

  2. Pin-ups: Watch live stream as Nick Knight shoots Victoria's Secret angels for 10 Magazine
    SHOWstudio Update

    Day 5 of the shoot will be lived streamed on SHOWstudio. Watch Nick Knight and 10 Magazine shoot Victoria's Secret angels
  3. DAY 1: Tumblr curation from Lucy Moore, director of Claire de Rouen books
    SHOWstudio Update

    Head over to Tumblr to see a selection of works from both de Rouen’s and Moore's own personal collection
  4. Friday 28 November 2014

  5. Thursday 27 November 2014

  6. Wednesday 26 November 2014

  7. Subjective: The history of fashion photography told through the eyes of models
    SHOWstudio Update

    WATCH! Nick Knight talks to some of the greatest models of our time about their own involvement in creating iconic fashion imagery
  8. Tuesday 25 November 2014

  9. Monday 24 November 2014

  10. Friday 21 November 2014

  11. SHOWcabinet: Curated by Anj Smith, opens to the public
    SHOWstudio Update

    Visit SHOWstudio at 19 Motcomb St to see the amazing new exhibition from Anj Smith
  12. Thursday 20 November 2014

    SHOWcabinet: Anj Smith exhibition
    SHOWstudio Update

    Private preview event to showcase the latest installation as part of the SHOWstudio rolling SHOWcabinet exhibition series
  13. Wednesday 19 November 2014

  14. The next in our Subjective series is live today
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch as Nick Knight interviews some of the greatest models of our time about their experience of creating iconic fashion imagery
  15. Tuesday 18 November 2014

  16. Monday 17 November 2014

  17. Friday 14 November 2014

  18. Thursday 13 November 2014

  19. Floating World: Noritaka Tatehanamakes his heel-less shoes live in the studio
    SHOWstudio Update

    Watch the process film of Noritaka Tatehana's live studio. See him create is unique heel-less shoes live in the studio
  20. Bonnet: Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech for V Magazine
    SHOWstudio Update

    View the gallery of the stunning editorial images
  21. Oriole Cullen discusses the history of bonnets from The Clothworkers Centre at the V&A
    SHOWstudio Update

    As part of our Bonnet project Oriole Cullen, curator of Modern Textiles and Fashion at the V&A, talks bonnets in this exclusive interview
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