Aimee Mullins is an athlete, model and actress from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Mullins was born without fibula bones in both legs and has required prosthetic legs since the age of one. At seventeen Mullins became the youngest holder of top level security at the Pentagon after receiving a scholarship at the Department of Defence.

While attending Georgetown University, Mullins competed against able-bodied athletes in NCAA Division I track and field events. She competed in the Paralympics in Atlanta in 1996, running the 100-meter dash in 17.01 seconds and jumped 3.14 meters in the long-jump. She became famous for her 'cheetah' legs, which appeared on the cover of Intelligent Design.

After appearing in a Nick Knight-shot story entitled Fashion-able in 1998, Mullins went on to model for Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 1999 show, for which she wore a pair of legs hand-carved from solid ash. She has also worked as an actor, starring in films such as Cremaster 3.

Mullins lives in New York City and continues to speak at conferences around the world on the subject of body image and attitudes to disability.


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