BLAAK is a London-based fashion label. Founded in 1998 by fellow undergraduates Aaron Sharif and Sachiko Okada, the pair made an immediate impact with their first collection. 'Blaak Magic', which they worked on with stylist Andrew Davies drew inspiration from the West, the East and Africa with coiled rope style belts, braided hair and shell accessories providing a unifying narrative. The fusing of shapes, details and a vibrant colour palette lent the collection a genuine contemporary feel, in a context of current fashions' obsession with retrospective revivals. There are nods to the classics in other menswear and womenswear collections, and the pair continue to explore and re-interpret ever-diminishing traditional dress in the modern world, using natural fabrics. BLAAK have recently extended their collection to include a range of exclusive footwear.



  1. 25 Mar 2004
    BLAAK features in a project.

    London Designer Fashion Films - Autumn/Winter 2004