Don Letts is a British film director, DJ and musician. Born in London, Letts was inspired by the culture of his parents' homeland Jamaica, in particular the music of Bob Marley, whom he befriended after sneaking into his hotel after a gig in 1976. From 1975 Letts was the manager of cult clothing store Acme Attractions, and subsequently the first resident DJ at the Roxy nightclub. He is credited with introducing reggae and dub sounds to the punk scene and later managed British punk rock band The Slits. Letts went on to make numerous documentaries and music videos, including his first film The Punk Rock Movie which documented the early days of punk. His film Westway to the World won a Grammy Award in 2003. He also hosts a weekly show on BBC Radio 6 Music. 


  1. 8 Nov 2013
    Don Letts features in a project.

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