February James is an artist from Washington DC, who lives and works in New York City. 

As an autodidact artist working primarily in oil pastels, February James often employs bold colours and emotive simulacrum as it relates to self.  Her stimulus to paint is derived from everything that she encounters.  

February James is attracted to the lost people of life.  'I come to them rather intuitively and they wash past me in much the same way – feeding on one another’s needs – people collecting people.  Then somehow I find them in my paintings and instinctively move through mediums.  So in a way my work is an ongoing body of self-exploration.  Painting all the things I’m running away from and all the things I’m hoping to become.'

Current work relates to previous work; with each piece of art constantly exploring and challenging itself. James believes that life is about change, this being reflected in her work,  as it is constantly evolving, persistently growing and unfolding. Through her art, she hopes to bring about order in the midst of chaos, change in the stagnation of growth and growth in the yielding of change.