Hannah Rose is a designer, musician, model, photographer, performer, director and activist. 

'My mission is impossible. I am not able to describe it or even know what it is specifically. It’s really just a feeling I have that I try everyday not to discard or ignore, as hard as it is sometimes. It has nothing to do with fashion design but everything to do with the evolution of change. I was born in New Zealand and have always wanted to use my life to help society see the reality of this world more clearly. Since I was 14, I was fascinated with what was really happening in the industry behind closed doors and decided to stop purchasing from companies that were not treating their workers with respect. Through this, I taught myself how to make patterns and how to sew as I didn’t know where I could shop for clothing that would use my purchasing power for good. Now I am a part of the Fecal Matter design duo, creating and expressing uncensored ideas. I am a victim of the cruel ways of human nature,' she says.




  1. 19 Jun 2017
    Hannah Rose features in a project.