Kate Tempest is a British writer, rapper, poet and playwright. Performing consistently since the age of 16, she began rapping in battles and has continued developing her skills as a writer and a performer ever since. Performing with her band Sound of Rum, Tempest has performed extensively in the UK and also in Latvia, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and New York. She has written poems for Barnado's, Channel 4, Amnesty International and Turner Prize-winning artist Chris Offili amongst others. Tempest is a three times poetry slam winner at the prestigious 'Nu-Yorican Poetry Cafe' in New York and teaches the spoken word writing and performance workshop at Yale University. In 2012 Tempest's first play 'Wasted' will go on tour around the UK, her first poetry book 'Everything Speaks in it's Own Way' will be released as well as her band's debut album  'Balance'. 


  1. 13:30 - 14:00 on 28 Feb 2012
    Kate Tempest presents a live stream.

    Kate Tempest

  2. 14 Dec 2011
    Kate Tempest features in a project.

    In Your Face: Music