Rei Nadal is an artist based in London. Born in Sevilla, Spain, Nadal went on to complete a fashion design degree before beginning an internship with designer Gareth Pugh. She garnered attention for her unique and intriguing Tumblr page, Death and Milk, now re-named The Saddest Part Of My Body Is My Mouth, where she intersperses imagery from fashion editorials, photography, art and video, alongside self-portraits and diary entries.

For the past three years, Nadal has been experimenting with different media without sticking to a single discipline; she has directed music videos for bands such as Primal Scream, Reptile Youth and Vaults, directed fashion films for SHOWstudio (notably Girl, codirected with Nick Knight) and created illustrations for SHOWstudio, V&A SHOP and New York art gallery Kasher|Potamkin.

Nadal also works as a researcher for Nick Knight and a number of freelance clients.


Recent Thoughts

Dead End

A compilation of films establishes a ‘chain dialogue’; one idea leads to the next.


  1. 20 Mar 2019
    Rei Nadal features in a project.

    Stephen Jones Hats

  2. 13 Jun 2018
    Rei Nadal creates a fashion film.

    Once Upon A Future

  3. 13 Jun 2018
    Rei Nadal features in a project.

    Once Upon A Future

  4. 14 Dec 2017
    Rei Nadal creates a Fashion Illustration Gallery.

    Rei Nadal is live illustrating at our 15 Floral St pop-up 14 December!


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