Sofia Tchkonia is an author, as well as the founder and creative director of the BENEXT Art and Fashion Foundation. Born in Georgia, she has studied in Germany, the USA and France, and lives in Paris. She is the creator of the documentary project Icons and Muses, which features interviews with notable individuals such as Pierre Berge, Madame Carven, Serge Lutens and Rick Owens. Her film about former French Vogue editor Edmonde Charles-Roux was featured in the international film festival ASVOFF. Tchkonia also organises a fashion festival and design competition under the BENEXT banner. 



  1. 28 Nov 2016
    Sofia Tchkonia creates an interview.

    Susan Train

  2. 25 May 2016
    Sofia Tchkonia creates an interview.

    Hervé L.Leroux

  3. 7 Dec 2015
    Sofia Tchkonia creates an interview.

    Rad Hourani

  4. 24 Feb 2015
    Sofia Tchkonia features in a project.

    Love, Money, God