Steven Raj is an artist whose work is based on trying to answer the below questions:

'I'm a victim of society. A victim of abuse. I've questioned the human existence ever since I could remember. Questioning why was I born a person of colour and why am I treated differently because of it. Trying to understand gender and where I belong within that spectrum. Why did I never fit in with the other kids and why did they hate me for it. Why was I born into an abusive environment? Why did violence play such a big part in my family household? Who or what decided that I was supposed to grow up on welfare? Why do people want pale skin more than darker skin? Why didn't I deserve to get a private education? Why can't I fit in with the adults and why do they hate me for it? Why is it dangerous to wear women's clothing if you are a male bodied person? Is child labour the only solution to satisfy mass society's brainwashed compulsion to shop? How can the truth ever be told when everyone is censored, even the most radical of artists. Are we slaves to technology and is that are true purpose? Why do I even exist and why am I so obsessed with creating?'



  1. 19 Jun 2017
    Steven Raj features in a project.