Finalist: Oudhout

Oudhout (literally Old Wood)´paints´ photorealistic with salvaged colored wood. The wood is found in dumpsters, on city dumps, in old farms and along coastlines. Oudhout lives in Holland but travels extensively around the globe. He always returns home with a suitcase full of old wood. Goal of Oudhout is to make nice, shiny and very desirable things out of stuff that people have thrown away and dicarded of. Recycle art in optima forma!

Oudhout started out doing monumental (over one meter wide) pieces of classic cars, but now is turning toward everyday themes (drinks, shoes, garbage). Oudhout would looove to do Old Skool Nike sneakers/soccer kicks or - starting with Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruijff - some other (international) soccer players in Old Wood, preferably wood from their own country....

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